Success Stories

Gwen Stefani, Singer/Rockstar, Fashion Designer, Mom of 3

Gwen Stefani - Katie Barnes FitnessKatie’s started her transformational work with Gwen Stefani in 2007, training the rock star throughout her second pregnancy and into incredible “post-baby” shape for the 2009 No Doubt Reunion tour. Gwen’s phenomenal abdominals, total athleticism on stage and insane body makeover made front-page news, showing what can be possible for women after 40 who follow the right routine… and especially women who also happen to be in the busiest and most successful years of their lives. Katie is Gwen’s total fitness guru!

Gavin Rossdale, Singer/Rockstar, Musician

Gavin saw his wife Gwen Stefani’s results and knew he needed a workout regimen that would prepare him for another upcoming tour with his own band, Bush. As a lead singer and guitarist, Gavin is also a gifted tennis enthusiast who has played for years on the celebrity tennis circuit. He was nursing an injury when he met Katie and he still had to be able to play guitar throughout his recovery. His goals included wanting to improve his overall fitness and flexibility for tennis and performing on stage, preventing injuries, and to make sure his body would return to full function after the healing process was complete. That summer, he returned to the court to play in the Chris Evert Pro-Celebrity Tennis Classic and he continues to play the game at the highest level, whenever he’s not on the road with Bush, touring across the nation.