With the convenience of having workouts in your home in Nashville, Katie brings all the equipment you need to making regular exercise easy to do. You’ll learn how to activate deep core muscles for maximum calorie burn, and change your body shape by doing exercises that target those specific areas. Never the same workout twice, you’ll experience better strength, balance and flexibility, improved core conditioning, increased energy and stamina, and feel like you fit your clothes better than before. Katie also shows you how to fuel your body with the best foods to give you more results in less time.


Get in shape with Katie at her affiliated studios in Nashville. Whether you choose private training sessions at Results Fitness on Music Row or private Pilates in studio in Green Hills, you’ll learn fitness or Pilates from the ground up and how regular total body fitness can make you look and feel. Find out what exercises are best for you and how you can get fitter faster with results that last a lifetime.


Want to workout no matter where you are in the world? Katie offers the best in private fitness and Pilates training in real time, through Skype, Facetime, or Google Hangouts. If you’ve got Internet access and 30-60 minutes to get in shape, Katie can meet you online for elite Korecentrix® fitness and Pilates training sessions that change how your body looks and feels. Through specific Korecentrix® exercise routines that target all problem areas while improving flexibility and balance, KBF’s total body workouts give you the cardio, sculpting.

Coming soon Korecentrix® 30 minutes to maximum you video training library.



Lose The Last 10 Pounds

  • Your clothes feel tight
  • You’re active but your body doesn’t seem to change
  • You feel guilty or out-of-control about food

Pre and Post-Baby Body

  • You want to start exercise to feel your best throughout pregnancy
  • You’re already active and want stay fit through each trimester
  • You want to lose the baby weight, keep it off and get your body back…even better than before

Real Life Fitness

  • Career and kids? You need more fitness in less time with maximum results
  • You feel overwhelmed, often tired and need motivation to stick to regular workouts
  • You don’t know what to eat, you don’t have time to eat, you eat what your kids eat…and you want to change your habits.

Pure Pilates Performance

  • You’ve heard what Pilates does and want to discover what it can do for you
  • You already love Pilates and want to go to the next level and beyond
  • You want Pilates sessions to complement your regular fitness routine or sports training

Better Your Body Makeover

  • You’re already active but need inspiration – you’re bored with exercise
  • You don’t need to lose weight but you want to reshape problem areas
  • Improve your yoga, running, tennis, dance, or sport for better performance, greater overall fitness and injury prevention.

Don’t see your fitness goals here? Call 310-403-4864 or email and tell me what your issues are!