“All or Nothing” Story? Take a Different Treadmill to the Top…

Carpe Diem!

This is the day.

No more excuses.

You work out for the first time in months.

It feels harder than you remember, you’re out of breath, the clock is dragging, stuff is hurting and you’re starving. But when you’re done, you’re pumped. “I can do this! I’m a badass. When I’m in, I’m all in. I’m going to work out every day now. Done and done. I got this down.”

Then that voice in your head says,” It’s awesome that I exercised today. I’ve earned my Starbucks muffin and creamy coffee on my way to work. Since I burned tons of calories, it won’t matter what I eat…I’ll be starving again by lunch anyway. Maybe I’ll have salad later…ooh they do make great garlic bread downstairs. I didn’t eat much breakfast after all…”

Driving home you think, “If I just go nuts and work out like a maniac for a few weeks, I’m sure I can ditch my gut and lose my arm fat. After all, it’s not like I eat much in one day. I’m lucky if I get actual meals since I work such long hours. And I’m working out…I bet most people don’t train as hard as me.”

Five days later, brain in a fog, you reach for your shoes and throw your back out. How is your old tennis ankle squealing too? Facing the gym feels like you’re trapped in a cycle forever. Even sleeping has you wake up tired and not thinking straight.

Ten days pass and it all hurts. You stop working out. And your mind tweets, ”I’m out of control. I’m all or nothing right? That’s just me. Got to get on that juice cleanse and starve, since I’m too sore to workout. I’m in pain from getting fit. Who needs sleep? In a way, I feel high. I can do this! So I feel weird and I can’t focus. But I must be losing weight since I’m all in, going for it, punishing myself, that’s what I do, that’s what you do.”

Then there’s that day you’re forced to stop. Nothing works and all seems lost. You’re losing a life you love. It feels like hell. That’s when you see, “Who needs extremes to get what you want? Take the time it really takes. Move onward and upward, land each step of the way. It’s that place between all or nothing…that you’re starting to build a real something.”